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26 July 2025 @ 03:11 pm

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY seeing as I do post personal things there that I don't want the entire world to see.  However, there are method to seeing wtf's inside here.

  • Know me; either in real life or having talked to me once, just acknowledge that at one point, we met.

  • Share my interests; even if we haven't met, I like meeting people based on interests c;

  • Have an interest in art; that's the biggest thing that revolves around my life and is my passion (when I'm not lazy)

  • Be a cosplayer; second thing that revolves around my life

I'm incredibly simple but as long as you have one of the following above, I'll accept your friend request in a heart beat. c; Just leave a comment on this journal and I'll accept you. ;d
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28 July 2010 @ 12:24 pm
Do you wish you had grown up in another time and/or place? if so, when, where, and why?

Incredibly, there are a few places, too.

1920's America (New York city, preferably)
Victorian Era England (1800's)
Greek times

They all have a type of nostalgia to them to me and they're overly fantasized.  I know that in the 1920's, although it was good, it was only good for those who had money and then in the 30's, everyone lost everything then the war came... so I would probably have to live through that as well.

Although the Victorian era was seen as beautiful, it was also really weird.  Some medical tactics weren't ideal, the outfits women and men wore could have killed them, children worked, there were factories... there's more to it but I'm just shooting things off the top of my head.

I can't remember about Greeks but I feel tired. Wtf. Lol.
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Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

Agent Ju-Ju-Be. c:
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Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media? If you're generally against censorship, are there any circumstances under which you feel it might be warranted?

No. If I want to see something that's deemed censorable, I should be able to see it.  What if something was censored just because the beliefs were radical? If someone wants to whine about it, then they should just look away and not push the subject. I could say more but... this topic ranges from letting children see things they shouldn't be seeing on TV, banning books, video games, ect. ect.  In general, I'm against censorship.
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14 May 2010 @ 09:04 pm
So I spent the last few hours creating this new LJ (when I shouldn't have. Hooomewooork...) simply because I hated spiritarcher  and only recently decided to create a new name.  Jajaja.

My birthday came and went recently. I'm now twenty. Holycrap. My dad surprised me by buying me a new laptop after the people at Sony said my other one was going to bust (I don't believe one lick of it since it's only slightly over a year old now). I personally think they just wanted him to spend more money on something that wasn't needed.  I received a smaller version of my big laptop. It's still a Vaio but it's adorably cute.  

Ai has piksures...Collapse )
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